My Journey to Mormon Feminism: Pondering the Issues

In my past two blog post on this subject I reviewed the emotional and spiritual journey that brought me to Mormon Feminism, what that means to me at a basic level and why I think it is important. I intended to take each of my issues and make them into separate blog posts, but have since changed my mind. Perhaps I will again take up the issues I mentioned before and flesh out my thoughts and feelings, but for now I have felt called to other topics.

I chose the above painting not only for its beauty, but also because I have been feeling like I should take some time to "ponder all these things in my heart." There is so much that has already been written and debated regarding the issues of Mormon Feminism. As someone who is so new, I feel my time and energy would be better spent learning all I can rather than trying to act as a source of knowledge. I would recommend reading "Women and the Church – Constructively Engaging the Arguments," a post recently added over at Times and Seasons. The author, James Olsen, does an excellent job of summarizing the discussion and debate up to this point. While the post is rather long, I think it is important to read in order to understand where things stand now and ponder where we should go from here and what we each can add.

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