For The Momma

These words are not mine, but they are just what I needed today. 
Adapted from a post titled: "For The Momma of the Strong Willed Child," on We Are That Family. 

You will survive this hard place.

And most importantly, one day, you will thank God for it.

I’ve learned strong-willed toddlers grow up to be strong-willed teens.

And that’s more than okay. It’s actually a blessing and I wouldn’t change it if I could. Even when saying no means tempers flare or make the meanest mom. I’ll take it.

Listen, I know these strong-willed children are challenging. They push our buttons; they make us question our parenting. We cry and hit our knees.

But they are used by God to transform us.

They show us our humanity, our weakness and mostly how much we need Jesus.

We want our determined, fierce kids to stand up first to us so someday they can stand up against the world.

The beauty of strong-willed children is that they are strong.

They will try and lead and manipulate us; starve and dress themselves and win every argument. Their determination will embarrass and thrill us all in the same day.

We will beg and barter and bribe. We will question every move we make and cringe at every fit. But we will remember that their fierce determination is channeled into velvet strength and these kids who won’t give up their will, also will not give in.

Yes, they chase hard after what they want, but they also chase hard after what’s right.
So, Momma of the strong-willed child pulling out your hair, wondering if you’ll ever be able to eat in public again, be encouraged.

That little one will change the world.

But first, he will change you.

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