World Breastfeeding Week: Part 2

This week I meant to post a lot more about breastfeeding, but life happened. While there are lots of things I would like to share, I'm going to wrap up this topic (for now).

To follow up on Part 1, here is an excellent blog post on Sorta Cruchy:
Breastfeeding As Worship

Finally, I'd like to share what I learned from breastfeeding Little E.

The most important and empowering things I learned from an extremely difficult, but ultimately rewarding breastfeeding experience were:

Breastfeeding is about more than the milk. It is also about bonding with a precious child.


While breastfeeding is an amazing way to bond, any parent can bond with their baby, regardless of thier ability to breastfeed.

Here are two articles on bonding through breastfeeding:

Breastfeeing Helps Mothers Bond With Babies

Comfort Nursing

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