Pretty Pebbles: 11/30/14

Why Did Adam Name the Animals Without Eve?
"I think God preparing Adam in such a manner also hints that Eve was always supposed to be the first one to choose to leave the garden. Eve, the one who would bear the burden of bringing souls into the world, the one who would suffer nigh unto death to bring new life, would have to be the one who first made the decision. Adam making that decision first would be a sort of unrighteous dominion--he'd be making a commitment for Eve's body that she should rightly make for herself. Eve needed to be the first, and Adam needed to follow."

The Real Cost of a World-Wide Church
"If I am truly to take my baptismal covenants seriously, I am entrusted with bearing the burdens of my brothers and sisters, even if those burdens originate in a land far away. This experience made me realize the real cost of an international church: Disasters and wars no longer happen to distant people far removed from us, they happen to our people. The world’s fate is our fate because our people are everywhere in it. The price is not money, but comfort. Our hearts must collectively expand to hold everyone’s burdens."

Beard Ban at Mormon Schools Getting Stricter

Both Feet Forward (Video)
"Am I celebrating weakness? Yes! The Lord said:
I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them. [Ether 12:27]'
Clearly, weakness and the recognition of it, the humility that follows, and the application of faith in Christ are essential to our eternal progression. Weakness is also the key to authenticity."

The Answer to All the Hard Questions
"Perhaps. Truth isn't always obvious, particularly when it has to compete with alternatives presented in attractive packages. Often we understand the truth only in part, while the whole remains yet to be learned. And in the learning, we face the uncomfortable prospect of abandoning imperfect but heretofore comforting understandings. But trusting that God has all the answers, that He loves us, and that He will answer all our questions—in His way, on His timetable—can simplify our searching. It may not always be easy, but simply trusting in God’s counsel can safely steer us through clouds of confusion."

Many Mormons Are Unaware of the Messy Details
"Other Mormons, however, have downplayed the novelty of the information contained in these essays. They have argued that the LDS Church has never intentionally hidden this information and that Mormons have a responsibility to study their own history (see here, here, and here). Thus, they blame the Mormon rank and file themselves for their ignorance on these matters.
These arguments, however, stand in contrast to statements made by faithful and well-respected Mormon historians ... Placing the blame on the members themselves also ignores the fact that Mormons who publicly discussed the messier details of polygamy and other historical issues have often been marginalized and sometimes even excommunicated by Church leaders in the not-so-distant past."

God Knows the Desires of Your Heart 
"I know that God is aware of each of us. Even in the times when things don't seem fair, or life doesn't turn out how we imagined, I just want you to know that He sees you. He hears your prayers and knows the desires of your heart and, often in ways you never dreamed of,  He will make them happen... promise."

A Lesbian Mormon Perspective

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