Woman is the first to know sorrow and pain, last to be paid for her labor.
First in self-sacrifice, last to obtain justice, or even a favor.
First to greet lovingly man at his birth, last to forsake him when dying,
First to make sunshine around his hearth, last to lose heart and cease trying.
Last at the cross of her crucified Lord, first to behold him when risen,
First, to proclaim him to life restored, bursting from death's gloomy prison. 
First to seek knowledge, the God-like prize, last to gain credit for knowing.
First to call children a gift from the skies, last to enjoy their bestowing.
First to fall under the censure of God, last to receive a full pardon.
First to kiss meekly the chastening rod, thrust from her beautiful garden.
First to be sold for the wages of sin, last to be sought and forgiven.
First in the scorn of her dear brother, man, last in the kingdom of heaven.
So, a day cometh, glorious day, early perfection restoring.
Sin and its burdens shall be swept away, and love flow like rivers outpouring. 
Then woman who loves, through sorrow and shame, the crown of a queen will be wearing. And love, freed from lust, a divine pure flame, shall save our sad earth from despairing. 
That latter-day work is already begun, the good from the evil to sever.
The word has gone forth that when all is done, 
The last shall be first, forever.

"Woman," Woman's Exponent, 21 15 January 1893. By Sarah Lucinda Lee Dalton

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