Thrift Store Finds Part 1 of 2

I love the Sugar House Deseret Industries (Thrift Store). There always seem to be great treasures. Here are some of my latest finds:

I thought this punch bowl and cups would be perfect for serving lemonade at a brunch or other party! I was excited to find 16 cups in all.

I love these jars. I can't wait to have a kitchen to use them in. Miracle of miracles, I was shopping at the Provo DI today and found the third piece to this set!

I have always wanted one of these to serve soup when company comes or for a fancy meal.


  1. I absolutely LOVE the punch bowl and the soup bowl. A soup Tureen (the "technical" term - which I discovered while google-shopping for them) is going to be one of the first items on my shopping list for outfitting our kitchen (since we sold just about everything else we had...). It's much more attractive than serving soup in a crockpot. Ha ha.

    I can't WAIT to go back to DI. Oh, and we went to a Goodwill OUTLET store in Seattle. Yes, and outlet store. Instead of having everything tagged and hanging nicely on racks, they just sort things into one of four places - housewares, linens/textiles, electronics, and furniture. You pay for everything (except furniture) by the pound. It was insane. I had to buy a suitcase there to get everything back home - the suitcase was $2.99, and it was in good condition... aaaah... I love thrift stores... *sigh* I also need a house to put my thrift store goodies in, so I have been resisting the urge to visit the thrift stores here.