Happy Mother Challenge: Week 1

Last Year I started reading this book and loved it.  I didn't get to finish, but I am excited to this year.  The basic premise of the book is to stop focusing so much on being a BETTER mom and start focusing more on becoming a HAPPIER mom.  This is exactly what I need. 

This year the author, Meg Meeker, is doing a "Happy Mother Challenge" on her blog.  Each week for 10 weeks she will post a challenge based on one of the 10 habits from her book.  

I will be following the challenge here on my blog. I hope you will participate with me!  If you would like to join in, let me know so I can follow your progress and get inspiration too! 
"I want you to make an actual, physical list of things that you are really GOOD at and what you LIKE about yourself, just as you are. Write down what you are, what you like, what you dream about, what makes you happy, what you’re good at, etc. A Happy List. A Positive List."

  •  I am generally tolerant and don't get offended easily. 
  • I can make friends with lots of different kinds of people and I really love my friends. 
  • I try to be good at what I do. 
  • I like that I look like my Grandma Phillips. 
  • Some of the things I am good at: reading, organizing, listening, typing

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