Summertime! Swimtime!

I'm so excited to visit my wonderful hubby for the 4th of July! The hotel is reserved, airline tickets bought, and activities planned. I made an appointment to get my hair done and am planning my outfits. One last thing to do: buy a swimsuit!

I typed "modest swimsuit" into my Google search engine. This was the first thing to come up:

Hmmmm ... not exactly what I was looking for, this website caters to Muslim women who want to swim. After a little searching, I found two great websites.

The Hapari swimsuit is actually the one I'm ordering and I'm sooooo excited. How cute! They are a little more than I usually spend on a swimsuit, but I'm justifying the purchase because this is a super cute modest swimsuit and I'm buying local!

Yahoo! Now I'll look super cute at the pool!

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  1. The swimsuit you chose is super cute! I hope you had a great 4th!