Julie & Julia

I choose this movie as an antidote to the Hurt Locker, which I was coerced into watching with Dan. Thankfully, it was the perfect counterbalance. How relieving and refreshing to watch a movie where no one dies or loses a limb or even bleeds. Sigh ...
Do you ever feel like you are watching a movie about your life? That's how I felt watching Julie and Julia last night. Not that I am an accomplished cook, like either of the title characters. (Although I do love making yummy things in the kitchen) Rather, I felt that the movie addressed a very serious issue in my life, but did so in a funny, lighthearted, and encouraging way.
The movie follows two story lines, first Julie a 29 year old would be writer stuck in dead end temp jobs. Julie, trying to find some meaning in her life, decides to "cook her way through," Julia Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking," and write a blog about it. The second story is of Julia Child's journey to discover her passion for cooking and teaching others to cook.
What I loved so much about these true stories is that both women were older when they found their "groove." I love that message. We are never too old to find something we love or to reinvent our lives.

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