Fashion Friday: Trends for Spring 2010

Now, I do not claim to be a fashion diva, by any stretch of the imagination. But, I do love to shop and I do love clothes. I like to look cute, but I don't usually follow every whim of the fashion industry. And I love bargains. I am not afraid to shop second hand (more like I buy almost everything "gently used").

In honor of my new-found personal fashion sense, I bring you my picks for this season's YES or NO trends:

  • Indigo - Read: "denim." Maybe this will be my excuse to get that cute denim jacket I've always wanted.
  • Sophisticated Tie-Dye - This one definitely takes me out of my comfort zone, but I'm excited to try it.
  • Safari Inspired
  • Military Coat
  • Polka Dot - I'm thinking of something simple and classy, like this dress from Ralph Lauren.
  • Yellow - I must have subconsciously picked up this trend, because my recent Plato's Closet haul includes two really cute yellow pieces. A major development, because I have yet to wear this color successfully!
  • Hot Pants - Um, do I have to explain?
  • Feather Skirts - "Hello gorgeous! Ten bucks says you'll hear that greeting every time you walk into a room with a kicky little number like this on." - Stylelist.com. Really? On what planet?
  • Silver and Gold - I just can't do these in fabric.
  • Sequined Tops - If you want to look like you're clubbing, that's fine. My inner librarian rebels!
  • Nude - No, this trend doesn't involve walking around naked. Beige, light pink, and caramel are the 'colors' of the season. Let's also include other "neutral" trend colors: grey and khaki. Now, I can't pull off this color, but some can.
  • Fold over Neckline - Cute, but I don't think I'll dare
  • Monotone Look - Ditto
  • Boyfriend Blazer - I try to stay away from anything that looks like my mom wore it in the 90s. Kim wears it well in the pic below, though.
  • Novelty Prints - If you were born within a decade of me, think of something you wore in grade school with a shooting star motif


  1. so funny because I bought a boyfriend blazer, because when I see celebs wearing them, I love the look. I've only worn it twice though! I felt a little too 80s when I tried to wear it during the day. But, I've worn it twice out to dinner and it actually was really cute. I think when I dress it up more its ok, but as a suppper casual daytime look, I feel too 80s90s.

  2. So, since I posted this I have seen several girls wearing blazers and I agree with you, steph, it definitely looks good dressed up! I still don't know if I brave enough to wear one, but I'm sure you look cute in it!