Sewing Safari Part 1: Dresses!

Dan and I are going on a cruise! Yea! Besides the fun we're going to have, I am super excited about the cute clothes I get to wear. I will need two dresses: a cute casual dress and a cocktail/semi-formal dress. Do you know how hard it is to find dresses? I always have a difficult time finding one I love, that fits, and is reasonably priced. So, I have enlisted my mom's help as I embark on an adventure: sewing two dresses in two months. (Keep in mind that while I technically "know how to sew," it has been years and my biggest projects were dresses for my American Girl dolls)

The first dress, my casual/Sunday dress will use the same pattern as this dress, recently featured on our family blog:
This dress belongs to my little sister, and I almost stole it from her because I love it so much. Yesterday I bought the loveliest green linen look fabric and can't wait to cut it out! I love green dresses!

I really debated about whether to buy or make my cocktail dress. I want it to look really stunning, and I found the perfect dress at Nordstrom. But I wasn't quite ready to fork out the stunning price. So, I did some investigating and found a pattern for the EXACT SAME dress from Butterick! As an added bonus, my mom said it wouldn't be too difficult to sew. We'll see about that.


  1. Ooooh - I love the cocktail dress. I may just have to make one for myself! 8-o When I get my sewing machine working again :-6 or better yet, get a new one! :D

  2. I can't wait to see how your dresses come out! Be sure to post some pictures! I can't even sew on buttons so I am super impressed.