Favorie Things

Dacia and I recently hosted our second annual "Favorite Things" Party, and I must say, it was a smashing success. What better way to spend an evening than with favorite people, favorite foods, and all manner of favorite things?

For those of my dear readers who have never had the privilege of attending a Favorite Things Party, let me enlighten you. Here is my recipe for a delightful event:

  1. Select the perfect night, preferably in January or February.
  2. Invite 14 of your most favorite girl friends in the whole wide world. (Keep in mind that 10 of them will say they are coming, and 7 will show up)
  3. Instruct each friend to make a list of at least 10 of their favorite things from the previous year. These things should be specific (like a favorite movie, restaurant, store, book, game, website, health/beauty product, etc). The point is to share things you love and learn about cool things that your friends like. Your friends should bring as many items as possible and practical for show and tell.
  4. Each friend should bring one item that they can share with everyone. (Like bringing everyone a copy of the menu for your favorite restaurant or a piece of your favorite candy) These things should be small and inexpensive - just cute little treasures to take home.
  5. Each friend should bring a favorite food along with a copy of the recipe for each guest. (Yum ... this is always a highlight!)
  6. Welcome your friends to your home and bask in the excitement and camaraderie of sharing favorite things! Each guest should take time to explain their list and hand out their goodies.

We have found that this party works best for groups that either know each other well (our little military community, or a family, for instance) or are very outgoing.

Stay tuned for future posts in which I share some of the favorite things I discovered!

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