From Droopy to Dreamy

"The butt; they come in all shapes and sizes. But what if you could have the perfect butt you've always dreamed about?"

So starts the infomercial for "Brazil Butt Lift," a DVD workout program. My friend Becca and I were flipping through channels the other night when we stumbled upon this infomercial. With classic lines like, "from droopy to dreamy," it was just too good to pass up. Watching that is, don't worry, Dan I didn't buy it. Actually, in my humble opinion, I think this DVD program, if faithfully followed would actually work.
Here is the three minute version, for your viewing pleasure!


I guess the funny part to me is the obsession over a particular body part. I don't know, I just don't dream about my butt. Or any other body part for that matter. Maybe I'm weird.

I do dream about getting my whole body back in super shape, though. Pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and motherhood, while all transcendent emotional and spiritual experiences, sure have taken a toll on my body. And without my personal trainer available (my hot husband), I have been slacking.

I tried giving myself a reward for working out. I decided to buy a new piece of clothing for every ten days of working out. Well, I blew that one in the first week. Not for lack of working out, but I went and practically bought a new wardrobe at Plato's closet. (More about my great finds at a later date)

This week has been super crazy and I've only been to the gym once! It's so hard to workout as a mom. If anyone has any good ideas, let me know! Please!

My new ideas for motivation are:
  1. Sign up and pay for the Utah Valley 5k
  2. Enlist my sister and as many people as possible to run with me
  3. Tell you all about it so I can't back out.
Step one is complete. Now I just need some buddies! My sister said she'd sign up, I'll just need to bug her about it. The race is in June, which gives me plenty of time to work up from the 2 miles I can run right now. Also, that will be about a year since my little squirmy was born. Perfect.

Now ... off to the gym!


  1. This sounds like a really lame idea but I found it really worked! I put a calendar on my fridge, and, I bought those little star stickers, and everyday I work out I put a star sticker on that day. It sounds lame but once you see all those stars (or lack thereof), it is really motivating to keep going! I like when my month is really filled with stars. Its cool because then you can actually see how much you are doing.

    For what its worth, I think I can count on two hands the number of times I have worked out in 2010. But, I plan to start this week! I just need to fill my new Ipod. :)

  2. I think I need to try that! Having a visual reminder like that helps, especially for people like us who like to have all the little boxes filled in!